Are you a fulltime Christian? – By Victor Ogunmodede

Dear beloved, before you begin reading this article, take some time out to reflect on this question; “ Am I into fulltime ministry?”

God has called us all into fulltime ministry, no matter our background or occupation. Fulltime ministry isn’t just reserved for our ministers or Pastor, but God has called each and every one of us into fulltime service. God has called us to be the light to our immediate environment and in our workplace (or as the bible likes to call it, The marketplace).

The Market-place is any place of public resort, and hence a public place or broad street ( Matthew 11:16 ; 20:3 ), as well as a forum or market-place proper, where goods were exposed for sale, and where public assemblies and trials were held ( Acts 16:19 ; 17:17 ). This word occurs in the Old Testament only in Ezekiel 27:13. Today’s Christian marketplace does not only revolve around the boundaries of buying and selling at a location, but crosses into all aspects of our daily lives. Our marketplace are our schools, offices, extracurricular activities, family gatherings and so on.

Jesus was interested in the activities going on in the marketplace, and He even made references and examples which can be found in several passages in the new testament. Jesus described the people in this generation as children sitting in the marketplace (Luke 7:31-35). We all know that the marketplace is no place for little children as it is a rowdy, dirty and unsafe place. So if the people Jesus came to save are like children in the marketplace, we must understand that we live in an evil and perverted world. So as God co-labourers here on earth, we must focus on the marketplace, going into the world to save all lost souls.

Jesus also told many parables about people in the marketplace (Mat 20:1-5). He realized that the marketplace is an important place that all Christians will find themselves and must influence. We see in Mark 6:56 that Jesus cared for people in the marketplace, healing the sick and raising the dead. Our marketplace consists of colleagues, friends, team mates, church members and so on. God wants us to make an impact in our society/in the marketplace. We know this by His words in Mark 16:15- He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”. Jesus commanded us to go into the world. Not just pastors, but this is a commandment to every Christian. He said ‘’occupy till I come’’ , to do business, to be in the word but not of the world. 

Jesus has provided the blueprint in Mark 5:14-16 on how we need to act in the marketplace. We are the light of the world, and our light cannot be hidden. Just like a headlamp in a car or bicycle provides light while driving, or a lamp lights up a path for people to see the ground, we need to acts as answers to the problems of the world. Without the headlamp of the car, an accident will occur. So without Christians in the world, the world will be chaotic. Without light in the world, it would be dark. We as Christians are the light and have a crucial role to play. Which role do you have? Is your light on or off? We must be the solutions to problems in our environment and the world. We have to do good deeds and the world should be able to see it. These good deeds are not to exalt or praise ourselves but so that people can see them and glorify our Father in heaven. God wants us to be models to the world. If Christians aren’t seen as good, then who else can be?

Again I ask, are we called into fulltime ministry?

Yes we are called into full time ministry. God has placed us exactly where we are now for His glory. Your job title doesn’t matter, but the way you use your time does. Stop letting people tell you that working for the government or for your company isn’t God’s plan for you. Stop allowing the opinions of man to keep you from being a light to your current workplace. Your workplace should be a platform for ministry. Your own mission field. The majority of the lost are not located in the church but out there in the marketplace. You do not have to be a fulltime Pastor or a minister or lead a congregation to be into fulltime ministry. Yes, Paul and Peter, the disciples dropped their everyday jobs to follow Christ, but not everyone is called to that kind of ministry. There are many people that God is using greatly in every day jobs. An example is Joseph, Daniel, Priscilla and Aquila. In Acts 18:1-3 tells the story of Priscilla and Aquila who were Christian tent makers that allowed Paul to live and work with them. These couples names are written in history because they obeyed the Lord while doing their daily jobs. Paul was able to provide for his mission from the funds obtained from his work. God will use you through your work. Pay attention and be aware.

Christians tend to separate the worldly and spiritual. That is a very big issue with today’s Christians.

There is no word for “Spiritual” in Hebrew old testament. That is because everything was spiritual. There was no difference between spiritual and worldly. The Apostle Paul tells the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 10:31:Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

So everything you are meant to do, do it to glorify God. In your daily life, are all your actions glorifying God? Lord help me to Glorify you in everything I do. Amen!

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